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Between February 17, after 17,21 and 19 February, afternoon, energetic interventions in the family. A series of personal activities and priorities may conflict with time, interest, or concern with current tasks in the household and in the household.

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During this time, it will affect the activity of the brain and internal processes, which implies the awakening of the reality of some experiences that were not fully aware. On February 19, the Sun will enter into the sign of Pisces and make a nice or lucrative relationship with your friends. The bulls will be able to meet, talk and enjoy the joint projects or the hypostasis on which they are "of the same wavelength" with friends.

The key words of the moment will be, for them, the interest, the commitment, the balance, the pragmatism, the preconditions that are less romantic but necessary in their sentimental economy, which will prevent them from engaging in unnecessary holidays and chimeras. Between February 21, after 16,18 and 22 February, he tried to maintain the relative balance of work; one of the reasons that leads them to accept an indifferent or compassionate attitude toward the excesses of their colleagues or heads is even their health, which points to their protective behavior.

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Between February 17, after 17,21 and February 19 afternoon, small personal prizes, flattering hypostasis for indigenous people who can be found in the background of their participation in the meetings and the professional activities of some notoriety where they will be heard and where they they can impose a point of view, or they can paralyze their knowledge and intelligence. You can use: Transit or progressed Mercury or Jupiter conjunct, sextile or trine natal or progressed Urania Transit or progressed Urania conjunct, sextile or trine natal or progressed Mercury or Jupiter Transit or progressed Urania in the natal or progressed 1st, 3rd, or 9th houses Progressed Urania in Gemini or Sagittarius Progressed or transit Urania conjunct natal or progressed Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars.

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Privacy Policy. Terms and Conditions. Urania's Mirror; or, a view of the Heavens is a set of 32 astronomical star chart cards, first published in November The cover of the box-set depicts Urania , the muse of astronomy.

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It originally came with a book entitled A Familiar Treatise on Astronomy Urania's Mirror illustrates 79 constellations on 32 separate cards. By the second edition , advertisements merely claimed illustration of the constellations visible from "Great Britain".

Card 28 has six, and no other card has more than four. Hingley calls Urania's Mirror "one of the most charming and visually attractive of the many aids to astronomical self-instruction produced in the early nineteenth century". He describes the device as an "attractive feature", but notes that, due to the light at the time being provided primarily by candles, many cards likely burned up due to carelessness when trying to hold them in front of the flame.

The depictions of the constellations in Urania's Mirror are redrawings from those in Alexander Jamieson's A Celestial Atlas , published about three years earlier, and include unique attributes differing from Jamieson's sky atlas, including the new constellation of Noctua the owl, and "Norma Nilotica" — a measuring device for the Nile floods — held by Aquarius the water bearer. Advertisements for Urania's Mirror , as well as the introduction to its companion book A Familiar Treatise on Astronomy , credit the design of the cards simply to a "lady", who is described in the introduction of the book as being "young".

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This led to speculation as to her identity. Some proposed prominent female astronomers such as Caroline Herschel and Mary Somerville , others credited the engraver Sidney Hall.

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In , while archiving early election certificates used to propose people to be admitted to the Royal Astronomical Society , P. The reasons for the disguise are unknown. Hingley notes that many contemporary publications attempted to suggest women had played a role in their creation, perhaps to make them sound less threatening. He suggests that anonymity might have been necessary to protect Bloxam's position at Rugby, but notes Rugby was quite progressive, which makes this unlikely; and, finally, suggests modesty as a possibility.

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First edition " Pisces ", without stars in the surrounding constellations. This was changed for the second edition, which added back stars around theose constellations. A "Second Part" of Urania's Mirror , which was to have included illustrations of the planets and a portable orrery , was advertised, [8] but no evidence exists to show it was ever released. Plate 1: Draco and Ursa Minor. Plate 2: Camelopardalis , Tarandus and Custos Messium.