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A dream-come-true is possible over the next month, but it requires your complete attention to manifest it. Make the space to make that happen by realigning your priorities, ditching or delegating stuff which is not uniquely yours to do, and clearing the decks of non-essentials.

VIRGO LOVE *BEST READING EVER!* SEPTEMBER 2019 😱❤️ Psychic Tarot Love Reading

What you can achieveIt will become obvious once you've done this. A significant and positive opportunity to step into the unique you-shaped niche in this world arises this month, Pisces, so let your powerful intuition roam and it will somehow nudge you onto the right pathway.

Virgo’s Tarot card is one you never saw coming...

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Virgo horoscope today, Tarot cards 1.0.3 Update

More From Yearly horoscope and tarot forecast. This is the best day to get married in I think that a very juicy piece of gossip is going to land in your lap, as shown by the Seven of Swords and Eight of Wands, from an unexpected source this week.

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Oooh, lovely. Or is it? Be careful what you do with this information, Libra, because rumours are dangerous and eventually have the potential to create a nasty backlash on those who unleash them. Should you stop this one in its tracks? The Ten of Swords asks you to be the one to break this chain letter and remove the information from the public domain. The Seven of Coins sees you in pause mode about something. And the Queen of Swords sees you in a rational, logical, even ruthless, frame of mind about it now. The Three of Cups shows that the end game here is bringing more fun, pleasure and lightheartedness into your life.

The Fool is the first card of the tarot and the patron saint of new beginnings, ones made with great enthusiasm and optimism- even if others raise an eyebrow. The King of Wands shows that you have made this happen by making a bold move, taking a risk, and pushing yourself into new territory. Good for you, Sagittarius, because 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'.

Strength is a powerful tarot card about personal growth and development, finding new depths in your character in a good way! Power to you. Three major arcana cards this week, Capricorn, so tune in. They are the power cards of the tarot and bring messages from the Universe, and significant life shifts. Change is afoot, and it will come from within, from a revelation about yourself and your path that you, maybe already, know deep down. If you embrace this insight and go with its consequences, then you can ride a huge wave which will take you further than you currently think possible.

The High Priestess shows that the only person who can start this process is Yours Truly. You hold this important knowledge within, you know what it is you want it ignite in your life, and only you know the trigger you need to press in order to start this.

The sign of Aries belongs to the elemental grouping of fire. The King of Wands is the first card of the fire group of tarot cards, which is perfectly fitting for Aries.

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The Lovers tarot card represents Gemini as a symbolic way of indicating the duality of both the sign and the card. The King of Swords is the first card in the elemental group of air. The tarot card The King of Cups is applied to Cancer for the position of the sign as the first sign in the elemental tarot group.

The sign Leo is attributed with that quality. The Queen of Wands is the second card in the elemental group of fire and Leo stands in the mirror position for astrology as the second fire sign.

Virgo Love Horoscope - Tarot Prophet

The Hermit is associated with Virgo when tarot and astrology are combined, this is interesting as Virgo is associated to the concept of virginity, its a metaphorical state through a more representative view of the purity that can be found in being alone, the time to be in one's thoughts analyzing the lessons in the quest for perfection. Libra and the tarot card Justice are matched through the symbolic connection they share to the theme of justice, weighing options and making decisions. The tarot card the Queen of Swords is the associated card for Libra to indicate the shared connection of the air elemental group.

The Death card is tarot is considered a wonderful card to find in a reading, it represents the concepts of death, birth, and rebirth. The Queen of Cups is the second card in the water elemental grouping, Scorpio being the second astrological water sign.

Reading the Year Ahead for Virgo

The astrological sign of Sagittarius is symbolic of the very same themes. Both Temperance and Sagittarius are embodiments of searching out into the environment in order to refine what has been learned prior. The connection for Sagittarius to the page of wands is like the ones before they are posed in matching placements, both representing the second fire elemental grouping.

The tarot card symbolic of the astrological sign of Capricorn is the Devil card.