Horoscope february 15 2020 sagittarius

You will need to pay very close attention to your giant mouth, so try not to gossip, and certainly take time to think before you speak.

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Another clash with Jupiter occurs on February 10, with the Sun, as well as on February 13, with Mercury, stirring up big conversations— and big egos. Don't make any promises because, as optimistic as you may feel, the eclipse will bring a ton of changes this month.

Who knows if you will really be able to keep them! Expect to be in a sensitive, nostalgic mood this month, too, thanks to Venus entering Water sign Pisces on February Pisces is a highly psychic, empathetic sign, and Venus is a people pleaser—in many ways, this is a beautiful, healing, and compassionate combination of energies, but you need to be sure to get clear on your boundaries and claim some personal space. That said, this is a brilliant occasion to beautify your home and connect with family, as well as your ancestors.

Other notable days around home, family, and your private life will be February 21, when Venus meets Neptune, and February 25, when Mercury meets Neptune. Neptune is the planet of illusion—and delusion. These are powerful days for addressing and healing issues concerning your early childhood, as well as for creating a spiritual space for yourself within your home.

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Your psychic abilities will also be heightened—just be sure you know the difference between an intuitive hunch and paranoia. February 15 is one of the most intense days of the month. This means you can expect surprising information to be revealed you will never think of things the same way again! You will rethink some things you may have thought were obvious. Also avoid taking any loans from anyone, especially if it is without proper documentation.

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It is advised by the Sagittarius Horoscope that you should be careful while making unnecessary expenses and try to save as much money as possible from 23 September , as the chance of income from various sources increases in order to give you better financial help. You might even face obstacles in loan matters towards the end of the year, so try applying for a loan towards the starting of the year, if you have the need for it. For speculative investments advice, take help and guidance from experts and seniors who know about it well, so that they can help you in long term investment options, the Sagittarius Horoscope says.

There are chances that you would start with part-time hobbies as work, and get gains from 28 March to 14 May You would be getting financial help from your friends towards the end-months of the year , in October and November, if you ask for their help.

The Sagittarius Horoscope predicts that in the marriage and relationships area, the Sagittarius moon sign born natives as you, would get mixed results overall, and thus be able to see the periods of highs and lows in life, says the Sagittarius Horoscope. It is advised that you keep the shadow of a third person away from your married life, as their involvement with you would not be good for the relationship between you and your husband, advises the Sagittarius Horoscope.

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The Sagittarius Horoscope suggests that the months of April and June are not favourable for marriage. It is advised that you keep your calm and avoid any kind of disputes with your spouse. You should be understanding your responsibilities and increase your communication with your spouse so that you are able to build a strong and deeper bond, as per the Sagittarius Horoscope. Your married life would be happy after this period, and you will enjoy bliss in your relationship, predicts the Sagittarius Horoscope.


Take care of the health of your children from August to November , and try to take every issue related to health seriously, so that any kind of problem can be treated and solved easily. Your children will perform well in studies during this period, take interest in sports activities, and other extra-curricular activities, as per the Sagittarius Horoscope. As per the prediction for Sagittarius Horoscope, seems to be a very favourable year when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Thus, there would be many favourable times for love, yet, there might be sometimes when you might have to face conflicts with your love partner, says the Sagittarius Horoscope. You might feel alone and weak emotionally, as your partner might have gone far away from you, and you might be facing-long distance relationship issues. During the months of April and May , you would get serious about your love life, and this is the time when you should try and build on your relationship for better bonding and making it strong, the Sagittarius Horoscope predicts.

Avoid any kind of disputes and ego between you and your partner from 22 March to 4 May , as Mars would be exalted in its sign and would be transiting with Saturn, says the Sagittarius Horoscope. The Sagittarius Horoscope predicts that you would be spending romantic times with your partner this year.

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You would be inclined towards going for romantic dates starting from the month of June, and until the mid of August The chances of meeting a love interest also seem high during the months of November and December of , and it is predicted that you might fall in love with them during this time, predicts the Sagittarius Horoscope. The Sagittarius Horoscope predicts that as a Sagittarius, you would be keeping really busy at work and because of your professional commitments in this year , and therefore, not able to take out too much time for family.

Saturn would be retrograde from 11 May to 29 September in the house of family, i. The Sagittarius Horoscope forecasts that this period is regarded as harsh for family life, and thereby, it is advised that you should try and avoid any kind of disputes and controversies for a happy and peaceful family life. It is important that you understand what responsibilities you have towards your family and take time out for them, as per the Sagittarius Horoscope.

Your parents might face heath issues which need to be dealt by you, and which can be taken care if treated properly with prompt care. It is advised by the Sagittarius Horoscope that you should avoid being tangled in any kind of family heritage property issues this year.

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It is advised by the Sagittarius Horoscope, that you plan religious pilgrimages with your parents this year, and feel blessed with their blessings. You would be a part of family get-togethers after September , which would help deepen and strengthen the bond you have with your family members. Login Sign Up. Home Horoscope - How is astrologically special? Sagittarius Horoscope. Daily Monthly Yearly.

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