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Ancient Romans understood how to evoke pleasure by stimulating the senses through taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound. Taurus carries on those epicurean traditions by collecting great works of art, indulging in fine cuisine, and creating homes fit for kings.

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Taurus is also artistic, and many have hobbies that include arts, or they are patrons of the arts. Along with their appreciation for art, Taurus has a very critical eye. Unfortunately, they don't always know when to refrain from voicing their opinions on how something should look. Taurus individuals believe everything should be beautifully done and aesthetically pleasing. It's just their nature to feel every aspect of life is an art form.

When you have Venus , the Roman Goddess of Love, as your ruling planet , you don't stand a chance of avoiding love.

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However, those with the Sun in Taurus are cautious in their pursuit of love and romance. Of course, you may run into an occasional Taurus who denies how important love is to them, but it's rare to find one that's cynical about love. The Taurus approach to love and romance is serious and down to earth. Few can play the "waiting game" longer or better than Taurus.

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Unfortunately, as many a Taurus has painfully learned, this doesn't always work out in their favor. They can hurry the waiting game along by taking baby steps like asking for a phone number or email address, just any little thing to show they're interested. Once they do get the man or woman of their dreams they can sabotage the relationship with their legendary stubbornness.

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If Taurus can learn the art of compromising and asking questions, it will go a long way towards keeping their relationships happy! Jealousy can be a severe problem for Taurus.

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They evaluate everything by the principle "I have," including romantic partners. If you're interested in a Taurus, prepare in advance for possessiveness and remember your Taurus partner is only human and only being themselves. So, treat them with understanding, dignity and respect. Taurus individuals seldom suffer fools gladly. They may also be unresponsive to things which dont conform to its perceived common sense value of the tried and trusted.

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There can also be a danger of Taurus measuring the worth of everything in exclusively material ways, and of being too concerned with money and possessions. Taurus may show love in exclusively material ways, often expecting the same in return, often being unresponsive to deeper emotions in life. Overly exaggerated use or unintegrated expression of the Taurus manner can cause one to be too possessive, grasping, self-indulgent, stubborn, resentful of contradiction, unoriginal, stuck in a rut and slavishly adherent to routine.

Physically, it rules the throat, neck, ears and thyroid gland. It can have a tendency for ear, nose, throat and neck disorders. The Chinese equivalent is thought to be the wise, purposeful Snake , whose lunar month is 5 May — 5 June. The Taurus zodiac symbol represents the strength and endurance of the bull. Just like the bull, many Taurus people have solid frames and robust health.

If you take a look at the Taurus zodiac symbol, you will see a circle with two horns sitting on top. The circle represents the very round face that you often see Taurus people have. The perfect circle also represents the circle of life that all Taurus people instinctively understand. Taurus individuals quite often feel a very spiritual closeness to nature and Mother Earth within themselves. Most people of this sign have a passionate love for animals and nature.

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In fact, youll often discover that a lot of Taurus individuals are zealous supporters of nature and wildlife preservation groups. The horns on the Taurus zodiac symbol represent how in tune Taurus people are with their senses. They are very sensual people and are usually big lovers of massage, hugs, and physical touch in general.

The horns also symbolize how sensitive to noise a lot of Taurus people are therefore having peaceful surroundings is crucial to them. Due to their love of nature, many Taurus prefer to live in the countryside where they can get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, beautiful greenery, and peace and quiet all around them.

The Taurus zodiac symbol is very much like the bull. Once they get set in their ways, they become very resistant to change and can be incredibly stubborn. Imagine trying to push a bull off of a green patch of grass that hes grazing. Youd be in for quite the battle wouldnt you.

Taurus people are just like that. Trust me, heed my words.

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  • Ultimately, the highest truth for this sign is that great patience, inner strength, and endurance is their path for achieving solid gains in their lives slowly but surely thereby ensuring a tranquil inner peace. Unlike Aries who is impulsive, Taureans never make snap decisions and they enjoy routine in their lives. Because they are ruled by the planet Venus they look for peace and harmony in their relationships.

    Taureans are also faithful and committed when in a relationship.


    Taurus: About This Zodiac Sign

    Taureans are constant and it takes much to get them to anger but once they do they can become violent. When Taurus gets involved with something they would much rather direct the action than be in the action. Taureans are not lazy people and because they are an earth sign they do well in any agricultural work.