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The favourite rarely wins, historically, and some may rejoice at any spanner in his works, but they are not wise to do so, if it comes at such a cost as this precedent represents; regardless of whether one is a supporter of the Tory Party or Boris Johnson or not. Here is a characteristically forthright tweet from Old Holborn responding to a tweet from Andrew, Lord Adonis:. Boris Johnson may still be selected as the new PM, I never say never. And he could move this whole situation forward. The King of Wands Reversed. Maybe this card has come up in token of him being up-ended with a view to silencing him.

Not with a view to Justice. Where is the Justice card?

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Where is Judgement? The reader looks for the cards which do NOT appear as well as the cards that do. Not only that but apparently he has Venus, Mars and Mercury in Gemini too. The Gemini is archetypal of all of these qualities, but also extremely brave, physically and morally, and while they can be selfish, careless, immature and wasteful, sometimes they are exactly the right key to open a particular door.

Gemini is the jester of the zodiac, but jesters could tell kings the truth like no one else, and still not lose their head. If he got the job of PM. He probably could move Brexit forward to a clear conclusion,no matter what happened after that. Why do I say so? The Two of Cups Reversed. Hinge moment of this legal action. Conversations were had over quiet drinks. They toasted on another. But the parties concerned may not be toasting the outcome. The true objective may be achieved — to help assure BJ does not succeed in a bid to become PM. The Sun card is a moment in the sun. A crowning.

But there will be no real winners. And of course, everyone thinks they are in the right. The Eight of Cups. The card at the bottom looks rather like a rear view of the man of the moment, the crowd funded private prosecutor, here to save the day. I vote in line with my response to the prevailing issue as I see it, not along lines of party identification. Because of this new development.

Or who will they come for next? I looked recently and did not see there would be a second referendum. Or that Article 50 will be revoked. Although the King Of Wands suggests key developments during Leo late July to late August but maybe also …and if so, this would be after the UK should have left on 31 October…. Sagittarius late November to late December. It will take me too long to try and ID the front runner for PM at this stage.

There are too many candidates still in the running. Update: I think actually this was not Steve Baker but Rory Stewart who has loomed suddenly large in terms of TV exposure There is a female candidate popping up too, who might make the final three. This may all change of course.

Libra 2020 Tarot Reading - Year Horoscope Forecast

What the cards are doing here as of todays date is mirroring what I feel from the collective ether. Pass the popcorn. On bile, or chagrin, or indeed on popcorn. Astrology and Tarot are separate artistic disciplines with distinct histories and traditions, but there are powerful connections between them, with many astrological archetypes embedded in the Tarot. The Major Arcana cards shine a light on life-changing situations and events, or draw attention to some crucial aspect of your own personality or behaviour, demanding attention at the time of the reading.

Your sun sign and your Major Arcana card represent key archetypes. But what exactly is an archetype? The word derives from Ancient Greek and means a very typical example of something, like a model from which other copies are made; a prototype. Archetypes are complexes of experience that come upon us like fate, and their effects are felt in our most personal life. When, for instance, a highly esteemed professor in his seventies abandons his family and runs off with a young red-headed actress, we know that the gods have claimed another victim.

The archetype represented by your Major Arcana card does not define you, of course, any more than your Sun sign does. You and I are unique. The archetypes are classifications of behaviours and attributes, and in the Tarot, the Major Arcana chime with the signs of the zodiac. If you know your time of birth, you can identify your rising sign via this link. We need to push sometimes, and push hard or we would never get anywhere. The Emperor may be accident- prone due to general speed and haste. This card is about the power and wisdom of the written words and of tradition.

Books, publishers, librarians, churches of all faiths, and universities are indicated by this same card. The High Priest Hierophant does things by the book, and has faith and trust in the old ways. He is all about standards. He is a protector, a gardener, a teacher, a mentor, a scholar, but the other message of this card is that change can be good, even necessary, wisdom is knowing when to bend with the wind, and that does not necessarily mean the same as throwing out any baby with the bathwater.

There is an innate restlessness, Gemini can be quick to walk away, even when sometimes they might do better to stick at things, even if they are bored, or the going gets rough. This is the wisdom of Gemini. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves in order to keep a healthy sense of perspective. Laughter is powerful medicine. The Chariot carries the victorious on parade. The Chariot takes us places. This is a card of triumph through discipline and sustained effort; the harnessing of resources, the charioteer and the horses working as one.

Choose your teams well, put in a sustained effort, you and they can do great things together. The Crab may be the archetypal sign of motherhood where the Ram is fatherhood, but these are qualities, not identities, while a carer is not a servant, and the gentleness of Cancer does not make it a doormat.

No way. Push too far they will withdraw. Life demands courage to meet it head on. To learn new things you have to take chances and risk failure. But the fire of Leo also demands control. The lady patiently restrains the lion. It shall not devour her. She shall not try to harm it. The lion represents the spirit of the Leo subject. There is natural courage and charisma, but the Lady represents strength with gentleness and restraint — moral courage.

The lion does not want to be ruled, but nor does she wish to be devoured, power must be used wisely and tyranny is always to be resisted. The Hermit often likes to walk alone, and this is usually by choice. Time alone, especially in quiet, wild, green places, is especially good for the Hermit, male or female, married, or single. People turn to the Hermit for wise advice.

The Hermit knows how to listen and sees far more than he or she says. The Hermit shines a quiet light along his path and others may safely follow in times of need. The Hermit is often a talented artist or crafts-person, slow, methodical and a perfectionist, so much so, that she never feelsthe work is good enough to sell, even when it is.

Libra combines analytical ability with intuition, and a natural grace and charm, with a talent for diplomacy. Justice is capable of severity, however, and can just now and again be overly keen to apply the letter of the law, forgetting the spirit. See the Sword in the hand of Justice. They are rarely in perfect balance. Libra is changeable. It may be the only sign of the Zodiac represented by an inanimate object, and a Libra subject may be a born judge, but still, they are only human.

But without Justice there would be chaos and misery, mature loose and running red in tooth and claw. There could be no society and no civilisation. There is no life without death. There can be nothing new without something else changing or ending. Death is not the enemy of Life. Scorpio understands this great mystery. Intuitive, subtle, often somewhat secretive, charismatic, intense, Scorpio is devoted to their loved ones, while with others they may be a true friend and powerful ally — or a vengeful enemy. Death has a long memory. He has seen it all before.

Get in the way, and he may mow you down with that scythe. Sometimes it is better to walk away. Sometimes it is wiser to call it quits and call time on something that no longer serves you well. Temperance was regarded as an angel- a force for virtue at the time the Tarot was first in use.

Temperance is about moderation, and self- control, and the avoidance of extremes. But Temperance has other meanings…alchemy, the fusing together of two elements, materials or qualities to make a new thing stronger than either individual element; Intellect and feeling, ability and ambition, one person and another, one people and another.

This is a force for diplomacy, reconciliation of differences and also for physical healing after illness. Powerful opposites meet in the Goat. The Devil comes in many guises; often powerfully attractive. Or think of animal magnetism. The Devil warns us to beware compulsion reminding us that we can get trapped by our own behaviour as much as by circumstance but we can choose to liberate ourselves by exercising the willpower sufficient to change the behaviour or the circumstance, bringing order out of chaos.

Dominant element: Air. Special note: Aquarius is sometimes mistakenly identified as a water sign because its symbol is the water carrier.

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The Star of hope has much in common with the imagery of the Aquarian Water Carrier. It shines its brightest, far-off light when everything else looks dark. The figure in the card has one foot in the water, symbolising her powers of intuition, and the other foot still on land, denotes her stability. Her knee is a bridge between elements. Aquarius loves people as a general concept, but she is not one to blend in with the crowd, indicated by the biggest star above her head, which is bigger and set apart from the others.

Like Pisces, The Moon card is associated with the subconscious, and suggests that things are not always as they first appear. These people are deep. This is, by this time, the preferred option of many, though by no means all Leave voters, whether these are Labour voters or Tory voters.

I read the cards left-right. This is a storyboard. How and why is this the case? I could do it the other way around and that would work just as well. But this is how I have programmed myself to read them, and with much repetition, like learning to play an instrument, this is how it actually starts to work. Perhaps one builds new synapses or something. This looks like a trade- only deal, so far as I can see, possibly because the Backstop issue is resolved adequately for Parliament just and Mrs Merkel feels she has obtained for EU members some adequate measure of economic surety.

It is astrologically, the card of Boris Johnson, a Gemini subject three times over. And he is not afraid of the EU, unlike Mrs May, but he is intellectually and politically agile, and not averse to sleight of hand. He needs to be cunning. Some might all it strategic. Then we have the 2 Spade s. To get the thing over the line. On what basis does this hocus-pocus work? Will there be a General Election before the UK leaves? And whether I get it right or wrong, I will learn something, by having the opportunity to look back, and see where and how I got it wrong in interpretation.

There is no other school. The most basic way of reading a yes or no from playing cards is to decide on your system and stick to it. Then I count. Then I may look at the individual cards for further ideas. I laid out three rows of 5 cards. Readers typically use 1, 3, 5 or 7 cards. This is simply a matter of personal preference. Row 2 : Will there be another General Election called soon? Still possible but highly unlikely.

Still possible but highly Unlikely. That 7 of Spades in the final position is a real sinkhole of a card. Far from certain. A hard Brexit therefore, while looking far from certain, is at this date looking more likely than the other two scenarios. This is such a major and volatile situation, I drew another spread the following week, on Saturday 8 December, to see if, a week later, the cards were still telling the same story in respect of what Parliament was going to do on Monday 10 December in passing the proposed Deal or Not.

Forecasting, by whatever means is sensing probabilities. Reps amendment re backstop? Or as it may yet emerge, shelving. Old Moore has done an extensive report into Brexit as one would expect, but basically suggests that the UK is coming out as per Article 50, probably without EU deal, and says it sees no sign of a second referendum. Time will tell of course, as with all forecasting, whether by polls, pundits, politicians or indeed, economists and top banking people. No need for sceptics of all findings of a supposedly non- rational provenance to point this out.

Old Moore suggests Britain will keep calm and carry on…while suggesting possible major changes at No 10 later in , maybe in June. I had a weird dream about Theresa May last night. This blog is about divination, not politics or social commentary, and many practitioners of divination, besides conducting personal readings, are bound to look through their lens at affairs of public life.

Everyone does forecasting or predicting. Humanity is hard-wired that way for survival. If you feel you know which way this is all going, you are speculating which is to say, predicting. Knowing what is your prescience and what may instead be wishful thinking, may be harder to judge. The same for readers too, who must beware a their own fallibility and b their personal biases in interpretation.

For the most honest answer possible, the reader needs to stay like stone while shuffling and drawing their cards. What are the bookies saying? Some think the UK will remain in the EU after But then again, the bookies did not predict the Leave result in the Referendum. We do it to turn a profit or at least not lose too much and in that respect, this vote worked out very well for us.

Here are the playing cards I drew around this question 12 August It is looking highly likely that it will not. This last red card on the line could still turn it into a last minute deal. Financial stability. A cheque book. This is financial conservatism…either UK pays out for the sake of diplomacy in the event of a non-deal so as to minimise the rocking of the boat or else decides to hang on to more of its own money. At first glance this is looking highly likely; 1 black suit card no and 4 red suit cards yes.

Page Swords, spies, secret communications, legal advice, bad news, dark thoughts, skulduggery, espionage No! The PM is very clever, some fear deceitful, but she is rather shy. Bluffs are being called on both sides. The UK perhaps is doing less calling of bluffs and a deal takes two. Read this way a deal could still happen, and if it does it will be almost last minute, viewing the cards as a kind of graph line where the black cards are succeeded by a row of red cards…look at it as a rising graph line.

There is something here that does not line up clearly. There may be a delay or a last minute offer by either side. Fresh start, important document, life force, fire, new lease of life. It will not be business as before, whichever way it goes. There is a strong suggestion that this is not a finality. I feel the cards were also foreshadowing the recent events of Salzburg. This is a card of betrayal and assassination. Character assassination, political assassination, M Macron may prove to have overplayed his hand.

For the UK the Ace of Diamonds of a No Deal outcome is being shown to me as a far higher, therefore more desirable card of prosperity than the Four of Diamonds of the Deal outcome scenario. There is plenty wrong in the UK, and plenty that needs to be done better. On Monday evening I pulled my cards ready for this match, and have left them out on my worktop in the study. I am looking at them now.

Tough one. Croatia look solid. All those sporting Clubs cards. England better be careful , or rather, better be bold, they have the better cards, but by heck, not by much, and must stay FAST. Clean, lean and very mean. Diamonds is electricity. Lightning strikes. Why did I draw the Queen of Diamonds? I wondered about number correlations. Jacks are elevens, Kings are thirteens. Queens correlate to the number All I could think looking at the cards, was that a player wearing shirt 12 might be especially significant for England during this match.

But I hear a roar. England have scored, and Il Matrimonio has just shouted through that the striker was Kieran Trippier…and within the first few minutes…. I have been looking in my cards about England in the World Cup. The conversation becomes too toxic, who needs it, but I do look, of course.

Whether the reader gets it right or wrong, you might not like the answer. Tiberius used to have them thrown off the cliffs. He threw them off if they got it wrong. This soothsaying stuff has always had its perils. This was the process. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, while asking aloud, show me England.

Will they win this match tonight against Colombia? Traditional meanings. Lucky money, wins, pay raise, improved prospects. Nest egg, financial investment, stocks and bonds, e-trading. Source, Kapherus. If you are a student or practitioner I highly recommend this invaluable cartomancy resource. Action and change. Symbolizes the five fingers of the hand. It can also denote exercise, physical labour, and providing the extra effort needed to get the job done.

In terms of the traditional interpretations, you can see for yourself both cards are positive. This is a well matched performance but England has drawn the better card. It is a red suit card, not a black suit card. This alone is not definitive, but also…. Diamonds are swift. So are Clubs but they are the second swiftest suit. Diamonds is the swiftest. England look likely to win on their speed of attack in the end. You gather that I had by now switched over from The Hotel Inspector. Sorry, Alex Pollizi.

England won on penalties, breaking a long running streak of unlucky penalty shoot-outs that had become a chimera of the national psyche, something of a national hex. Do not. You only have to watch the crowd, faces painted, sporting wigs in their team colours, hurling their wishes and curses and mojo- power at the pitch. This is nothing if not sympathetic magic in action. Me too.

I pointed runes at the screen during the penalty shoot-out. Have I got them all correct? In the previous blog, I used cartomancy divination to look at the question of whether the UK would leave the Customs Union in , and the overall reply was yes, using my playing cards, based on this spread shown below. The yes arises from the appearance of the Ace of Spades in the central column, which contains the final answer of the reading. BUT talk about hot potato. What will it look like in practice? Let us look at it through the lens of the Tarot today. Today I have used my Tarot cards.

The deck is the Divine Legacy Tarot deck used here for educational purposes by kind permission of the artist, Ciro Marchetti. The card top left, drawn upside down, is the 3 of Coins, suggesting that a streamlined customs arrangement will be harder to implement to start with. This is a money card of craftsmanship and attention to detail, but blocked or delayed, and technology is not of itself the panacea.

If the goods are bound for the UK, and if the UK tariff is lower than the EU tariff, traders could claim any difference. This was the option reportedly favoured by Mrs May,. We hit the ground running with an idea that is better received by the other side of the table, and with existing infrastructure and legal harmonisation. We wish to play fair, if we are played fair with.

Justice is the cards of Libra, the Law and harmony. Key dates September October This appears to trump the starting position for Option 1 hands down, and there is strong support for it. However, we are all multifaceted and this is a card of pouring oil on troubled waters. This is a card of a leader wishing to harmonize differences but is this actually possible if she is not met half way? The Knight of Coins is a card of slow, steady growth and is by no means therefore a negative card in terms of what it seems to suggest about the financial well-being of the UK going this route.

One may read this as the resistance of a hard Brexit lobby, but there seems no avoiding the conclusion that if the UK chooses a Customs Partnership based on the model under discussion, there will still need to be — this will be crucial to the national interest — the will, the power and the remit to do a lot of saying no. The destination cards represent the likely future of the situation, or the advice upon which future developments will hinge, and The Strength card of option 1 trumps the 10 of Wands Reversed of option 2.

What is not shown here either way in direct connection with the outcome either way? War, civil war or bankruptcy. Option 1 — a streamlined customs agreement- drew as its outcome the Strength card- a card of physical and moral courage. Leo hunts because it must, but only to feed itself and support the pride, not with malice to waste, despoil or deny another. Picture this spread as a storyboard, reading the top row left to right then the bottom row from left to right.

The answer to the question as stated is contained in the two cards of the central column, i. I have programmed myself to count red suit cards as a yes, and black suit cards as a no, regardless of which cards actually appear.


By this reckoning you can see how tight this looks I understand others have their own view of this situation and its likely outcome. So, what have we got? This is a card of Law, of clean cuts, of deaths and of endings, and here that would imply the ending of the customs Union. The Nine of Clubs is about journeys, physical and symbolic, and refers to the journey of the UK on its new trajectory. This masculine element may also represent a personal or political challenge to Theresa May, underscored by that Ace of Spades. Speech, the act of speaking, an argument, a legal judgement or court case.

City life. The Queen of Diamonds. This represents Theresa May; a quick, clever queen, shrewd and honest in intention, but shown here under threat, as we know she is, sandwiched if not squeezed almost breathless between the 5 of Diamonds and that Ace of Spades. Ace of Spades Traditionally the Death card, though this is rarely physical death.

It is not about ignoring those traditions, far from it. These insights will still function within the traditional remit of the card. I drew The Knight of Cups recently, investigating a relationship question. Classic interpretations of this card: all incoming things, emotional and artistic. Messages, approaches, invitations, proposals and propositions. Drinking and eating.

Beauty and refinement. An admirer. Health and healing. Knight in shining armour. An artist, poet, singer, musician, carer, diplomat, visionary, psychic. A peacemaker. A subject born under the Zodiac sign of Pisces. The appearance of this knight enabled me to offer a description of the absent party which the client recognised as true to the life. BUT this particular time, triggered by that cruising shark, I additionally felt prompted to say, had this man got cartilage problems?

His leg? The client thought so. Yes, after a sports injury. He might have had cartilage problems. He might not have. I am not able to verify it, but the client believed that he had, so if he had not, then I had somehow elicited this understanding from her. I do not usually, when drawing this card, feel inclined to focus on the shark. Life is short. The world is vast and multi-dimensional. A lady was wondering how best to negotiate, or end a domestic difficulty. What did the Tarot show about what seemed likely to happen and when?

What was the advice? The Hermit shines a calm light. He is a path finder, representing calm and maturity, and he also represents a need for reflection, time out, a bit of peace and quiet. This card also represents the zodiac sign of Virgo, and a date range of 23 August — 22 September. So there we have it, the Hermit was literally, pronouncing upon dates for the Queen of Cups new arrival. But there it is. The literalism involved in Tarot card interpretation can be quite something. Click Here to view video.

Traditional meanings of this card: completion, good news, a celebration, a professional success, project completion, a new qualification obtained, property improvements, property move or sale, a party, a wedding. But — and I have never felt prompted to ask this before using this same deck, reading this card in this way, I asked, does your property have an underground stream running beneath it?

The dowser in question does a lot of work for local farmers, the client told me, not walking out with rods, but getting darn accurate results with a pendulum suspended over the relevant map. The card could also be seen as a reference to dowsing, by the same token, and also as a representation of a cave or a magma chamber, I suppose, and instability or subsidence.

But , had I been using one of my other decks, would I have picked up on this information? People often ask about timing, when will this or that happen. Naturally they do.

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If and When are the perennial questions, and the Tarot reader has various means and methods for having a pretty reasonable stab at it. Image by Ciro Marchetti. Drawing one of these helps the reader have a pretty decent stab at predicting in which month a future event may occur…assuming that is, that the event seems likely to occur. Poor Il Matrimonio was waiting for a call from the hospital.

His mother passed away, 18 October, peacefully in hospital, a stroke aged 92, and he was waiting for the hospital down in Ashford to issue the medical certificate of death, when he would be making the drive down again from Lancashire to collect it, and go to see the registrar. He went down, and the hospital indicated the medical certificate of death would not be issued, available for collection before sometime the following week, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

The death could not be registered before then, and he ran other necessary errands and came back. It is a 5 hour drive if conditions are good, Il Matrimonio would be staying away overnight, and he expected to be going down again on Monday evening, collecting the medical certificate on Tuesday. When reading the cards for this purpose, you focus only on the time meanings. You discount the usual meanings, although as it happens, The Tower can indeed, amongst many other things, many not pleasant, indicate a stroke, although this one, happily, could not have been more merciful. Il Matrimonio spoke with the hospital on Tuesday morning, was told the medical certificate had just that moment come in to the office, and he went down that evening, and collected the certificate on Wednesday morning.

Saturn's lessons brought up during this retrograde cycle can now begin to be explored and any changes, upgrades, and improvements implemented. Moon-ruled Cancer season began on Summer Solstice, June 21, and during this sun cycle we have more access to our feelings and ability to value those feelings. Cancer rules the breasts and belly, rib cage, body fluids… and like the Crab, temperamental Cancer turns inward, retreating inside its shell and putting up defenses if threatened or to hide sensitivity.

This sign is associated with the mother, with nourishment and nurturing, home and security. This Cancer season could bring up thoughts and feelings around family and home, or some nostalgia and sentimentality, as well as sensitivity and the well known tears that are inevitably stirred up in each of us while the sun inhabits this sign.

In Cancer season we all cry freely, we express our heartache and anguish, we tend to our hearts. It is Neptune that brings us fantasy, deep dreams, imagination, as well as delusion, deception, and victimization. During Neptune's station, and throughout the retrograde, you may feel brain fog or confusion. This cycle could lead us to see through the illusions and get deeper insight, but we should guard against numbing out and hiding from the truth or reality.

A week after Neptune, Mars turned retrograde in Aquarius. This happens about every two years. If you recently felt your brain fog morph into a sense of hitting a brick wall, that's pretty in alignment with the current energy. While retrograde, Mars expresses energy differently and it is typical to feel fatigued, exhausted, drained energetically, a bit aimless and less direct, less passionate and lower sex drive. This full moon pm PDT will have a serious tone. It presides over hard work, discipline, responsibility, karma, and fate.

Saturn will bring up a lesson for your consideration or will call attention in a particular way on this full moon. Cancer and Capricorn are polar opposites on the zodiac and we'll feel this polarity. The expression of Cancer is nurturing, receptive and emotional, while Capricorn is stern, reserved and disciplined.

There may not be a celebratory feel to this Full Moon, but there will be opportunities. Make space for remembrance, let yourself rest deeply, feel good about your hard work and efforts while acknowledging your mistakes, get quiet, call on your ancestors, feel your feelings. Wednesday, June 20 brings Midsummer Eve, an evening of flickering candles and divination, mugwort and deep dreams. Astrologically, Solstice is initiated when the sun moves into 0 degrees Cancer, which is exact at am PDT on Thursday morning. It will still be summer for quite some time, but the light wanes and the darkness builds.

All the time. This is happening in your lives as well, the unfolding and releasing, invoking and establishing. We have an intimate understanding of this experience living life as householders on a path, navigating the exquisite and terrifying, holding the midline of our soul's wisdom and of our true spiritual practice s. Remember to hold the midline and trust, even in the uncontrollable changes that seem to be devouring you. The creative potency of the Universe is reorganizing you and your life. This can feel uncomfortable, even unbearable, but there are ways to become more skilled at allowing every circumstance of life to take us into the molten radiance of our hearts.

This is spiritual practice, not in theory but applied in real life. Try to stay rooted, in your belly and bones, with your heart open in radical vulnerability if you can, and hold on. Make art with your tears and frustrations, dig your fingers and toes into the black earth to ground, and remember that you belong. Light a fire in your heart. On this Solstice, make a date with the Sun, bask in the warmth and relish the sunshine. Originally on the website and then published in on Yoganonymous. There are several astrological events unfolding this week that demand attention - several planets are shifting.

So forgive my absence of late and be patient with these brief posts, and celebrate the silent r evolution that is ongoing in each of us as we navigate the beauty, pain, and absurdity of life. On Tuesday we have our annual Taurus new moon in the early morning and hours later we have radical Uranus leaving Aries to enter fixed sign Taurus, which is understood to be potentially the most significant cosmic event of the year. The ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus is the renegade, revolutionizer, and rable rouser of the heavens, the planet of originality and change. Uranus shifts every seven or eight years and in moved from Pisces to Aries to stay, creating a new era of life.

There are undoubtedly major life lessons, battle scars, unexpected or unpredictable circumstances that define these past seven years for each of us, and there are corresponding events in the world. Now Uranus is moving into Venus-ruled Taurus for this next new era which will bring its own challenges and gifts. Volatility and pushing the limits could cause clashes, disruptions, and conflict that feel righteous or liberating to those involved.

On Friday Mercury trines retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, which could bring focus and attention to mental work. Venus moves into water sign Cancer on Saturday morning, and a few hours later forms a sextile with very busy Uranus in Taurus, which could manifest for us as having a new idea about a relationship or finances. Finally, Taurus season ends as the Sun enters air sign Gemini on Sunday evening pm CA time , bringing a new perspective and fresh energy.

Back to Uranus. The ingress of the eccentric and unusual planet has caused and will continue to cause a stir. The volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, in the realm of Goddess Pele, can be seen as an earthly expression of the electric planet leaving fiery Aries. There are too many examples to list of the manifestations of these planetary movements reflected in world events. Uranus will bring revelations to a new realm, the land of Taurus, which is Venusian in feel, dealing with love and beauty, art and elegance, finances and material possessions.

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Taurus is purposeful and persevering, sensible and sensitive. This next Uranus cycle will bring opportunities for explorations of and unexpected changes in what beauty means, what worth is, what we value, and so much more. Alternative currency and redefining beauty will be two possible areas of investigation and revelation. Sentimentality and sensitivity will be qualities brought out of hiding from when Uranus was in Pisces, underground during the Aries reign.

There will be much to savor and digest in the next seven years. We can all agree that the Aries sun cycle never disappoints, and the dynamic astrological weather has continued into Taurus season. On April 19 the sun entered the earthy, Venus-ruled Taurus, but before Aries season wrapped up there were a few more notable changes. At am on April 17 Chiron changed signs, finally leaving Pisces and moving into Aries.

For the past eight years. The wounds inform the healing and allow the one who has been healed to pass on those lessons and insights to be beneficial to others and to help guide the way through emotional darkness. Pisces is the end of the road, the last sign of the zodiac and Aries is the initiatory sign, the starting point, the beginning. This cardinal sign brings waves of impulsivity, passion, aggression, assertiveness, and energy. The last time Chiron was in Aries was , a time in which there were so many major significant events that unfolded.

Those born in these years have Chiron in Aries natally. Additionally on April 17, Saturn turned retrograde in Capricorn. The planetary disciplinarian entered its home sign of Capricorn on December 19, and will be there until , reinforcing themes of self-sovereignty, responsibility, and general integrity in all expressions. While Saturn is retrograde we can take the time to inspect and re-define our boundaries, commitments, and responsibilities. With Taurus season underway, April 22 brings Pluto retrograde also in Capricorn ; two major themes associated with Pluto and Pluto transits are elimination and regeneration, and we can detox psychologically and purge emotionally.

Exploration of our own underworld and our relationship to power are opportunities during this time. With this full moon we are invited into our vulnerability and innermost desires, to feel what is most valuable to us and to find our own inner strength and perseverance to create, receive, invoke, and express those desires. I allow my vulnerability to forge incredible strength and fortitude in body, heart and mind, and I embrace my power and inner wisdom to guide me toward my dreams and goals.

We transitioned from the Rooster to the Year of the Dog. Those born in the year of the Dog are good friends to have and will be there for us whenever needed. The Dog personality is unpretentious and generally undemanding. People born in the Dog year can be somewhat pessimistic or cynical, but their toughness is what allows them to endure stress or hardship without giving up. They have an innate ability recognize those who have good intentions versus those that are untrustworthy and to them, people are clearly either friend or foe.

The Dog is generous, not materialistic, and while objective and faithful in dealings with others, can be slightly suspicious or obstinate at times. They do tend to see things in terms of black or white, without much allowance for the in between. In Chinese astrology, a vast and complex subject just as Western astrology is, there are twelve animals associated with twelve years which influence your personality.

In the lunar calendar there are also associations of an animal assigned to twelve sections of time with one ruling your birth time; this is your ascendant sign. In addition, there are associations with the five elements, and the division into either yang or yin, to further influence your personality. This is a general, simple introductory explanation for the purposes of this brief post.

The last time we had an Earth Dog year Dog year with Earth element was Earth Dogs are slow movers, constructive thinkers, and fighters and survivors. Realistic, individualistic, just and idealistic, Earth Dogs are generally kind and loyal, but may demand excessive dedication from others. The Tiger, Horse and Rabbit will relate well to the Dog. There should be no issues with Monkey, Boar, Snake or Rat. And Dog will clash most with Dragon, as well as Rooster and Sheep. If you were born between the hours of pm you have Dog ascendant. If you don't know your lunar sign or your rising sign in this particular system, and want to know a little bit about it, sign up for a Lunar Sign Overview.

Send your birth info to wildmoonwisdom gmail. I'm can also take a few clients for a natal chart, synastry, or relationship report email wildmoonwisdom gmail. May the Year of the Earth Dog restore some of our sensibility and constructive thinking and help us to align with justice in a more tangible way. Most air signs experience a noticeable shift from the earthy and Saturn-heavy Capricorn cycle into airy and intellectual Aquarius. This is a fixed air sign and rules the shins, ankles, coccyx, and the circulatory system. The water bearer symbol of the vessel pouring water out actually represents dispensing wisdom, as this is the sign of intellectual independence and original vision.

The modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is the planet of revolution and rebellious, giving Aquarius suns their well deserved reputations for being revolutionary and rebellious. Aquarius has a character that is utterly paradoxical, with qualities and expressions that reflect that enigma, making it one of the most misunderstood signs along with Scorpio. This is the sign of dreams and idealism, originality and the future. During Aquarius season, everyone is invited to express themselves freely and channel flashes of brilliant insight without feeling self-conscious or odd.

Under the Aquarian influence, allow for inventive and radical thinking along with an easy-going acceptance of difference. Revolutionary insights may arise during this season… inventions or ground-breaking ideas that can seed the coming months. Aquarius season always promises to bring excitement, surprise, and reinvention.

Eclipse season is initiated when the Sun aligns with the Nodal Axis. Eclipse power surges affect everyone, but if you are a Leo or Aquarius sun, or Leo or Aquarius moon or ascendant, you are likely being impacted strongly from these powerful energies. This is especially true for Leo and Aquarius suns, who have likely been dealing with big changes or events from , with a turning point six months ago or one year ago… All the fixed signs will also be hit hard Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus. For everyone else, the insights gained from the upcoming eclipses may involve self-love and self-expression, stepping into self-sovereignty, or logic and heart.

These eclipses will likely be a continuation of events triggered during the last two eclipses six months ago and twelve months ago. And if you can, think back to any significant events that happened nineteen years ago; this could provide a clue to the tone this eclipse season will bring. Full moons often signify completion of a cycle, some kind of ending or closure or resolution is reached. Eclipses are activators - activating forces and change-agents that have the effect of dissolving or initiating things, disturbing or disorienting us.

If we can pay attention immensely deep work can unfold. So grid your space with tourmaline and citrine, and be kind to yourself if your sensitivity is high. Everyone will be more sensitive during the eclipse window, with emotions running high and for some people, even a sense of internal and external chaos.

Channel the archetype of the mad scientist, the inventor, the explorer, with a healthy curiosity as we move through these days. And retain your sense of humor. Considerations and contemplations for this eclipse portal. Where am I holding myself back from growth or evolution? It is time to make a decision and make a move. How might I revision or recontextualize making my offerings and being myself as vital and necessary to my wellbeing?

We have our first New Moon of on Tuesday, January 16 at pm PST; this will be the "new beginning" moon of the year for Capricorn suns and will feel like a perfect time to consider goals and set intentions for everyone. Resilient Capricorn prefers strategy over force and excels through discipline and determination. This New Moon connects with Venus and Mars, bringing opportunities and encouraging ambition in romance and money- this may manifest in overcoming obstacles or initiating a new start.

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The Moon is considered to be in " detriment " while in Capricorn, but that doesn't mean it is damaged — we may experience the lunar energies or sensitivities of the Cap Moon feeling less strong in favor of a more logical or analytical approach, and that can be helpful or necessary at times. It can sometimes help to look at what is stirring your emotional waves with a more detached perspective.

We currently have a stellium in Capricorn; there will be six heavenly bodies in Capricorn at the time of the New Moon, which makes the astrology super Saturn-heavy. Remember that Saturn's realms are time, karma, fate, and life lessons… and Capricorn bestows the circumstances by which these experiences unfold. With so many planets in Capricorn, we can be sure that Capricornian qualities or vibes will be more accessible to us and tapping into them will be our best hope for success now.

There will be boons that arrive after the appropriate amounts of commitment and stability are created and the hard work is done. You can think of Capricorn as the steadfast and sure-footed mountain goat, climbing confidently over treacherous terrain that most creatures cannot do with such grace. Sit in solitude, commit to your practices. Then do the work. New Moon blessings for a new cycle. Capricorn is an earth element cardinal sign, ruling the bones, joints and knees. You have such an easy time sharing that strength of character with others; practice embodying it for your own sweet and salty self, Moonchild.

Strive to act in concert with the people around you and in the environments in which you seek safe harbor. You can have it all but not all at once, my love. If you can clarify what you want to get from your goals, your plans themselves will more gracefully crystalize for you. Seek your simplest foundational truth this week. Take it one day at a time, my love. This week, you will have the choice to fall back on your old foolishness or find a new way. The former is easier in the short-term, but it ultimately puts off the inevitable — change.

Ready, set, go! Get ready for a burst of energy, sweet Sagittarius, and make sure you consciously direct it. You can have it all if you creatively pace yourself and your commitments. Strive to strike a balance between the big picture and the myriad of little things demanding your attention, this week. This week you're likely to feel guided in a new or different direction than you expected to be, but try to go with it, Capricorn.

Staying the same is only a good thing for a period of time; growth requires change, and change yields instability. Uncertainty is no fun, but it can also be a really fertile state. Get intentional so that you can leverage your motivation into inspired action, Aquarius. There can be a fine line between deferring to others and considering their needs.

This week, you may want to make a change that adversely impacts the people around you. This may or may not be the right thing for you to do, but for sure you need to approach things with careful consideration. Do your thing and bear the consequences, Pisces. It's the way forward. Tending to your inner world is the foundation that you need in order to sustain your efforts.

Fight your inner demons; fight your fears that tell you not to even bother trying. Fight to be a person that you respect and feel good about. Stand up for those who need your help, for the vulnerable and the struggling. Action is the antidote to anxiety. You don't have to do all the things — you can't, you still have to live your life - but you do need to do some of the things. Add your light to the shadows; illuminate your problems so that you can bring healing to them. On the 5th the vibrant Sun will form a harmonious trine to expansive Jupiter and the planet of communication, Mercury, will oppose the irritable planet of fighting, Mars.

The combination of these two transits indicates that you take care not to egg on your most aggressive or arrogant impulses. This can mark a time of rapid growth. You may have to deal with major bullying from yourself or others, or you may just feel pressed by your circumstances. On the 8th we have a Sun trine to empathetic Neptune. This transit can increase your sensitivities, your sense of empathy, and your compassion for others.

It can also make you feel entitled, as it can incline you to only value your own perspective or pain. Make a point to do something for someone else on this day — Neptune is the planet that thrives when you pay it forward. Finally, on the 9th Mercury will form a challenging square to Jupiter.

The best thing you can do around this date is to really listen. Growth requires instability. This summer brings us Eclipses and Retrogrades, and with all that comes major shifts for you, me, and everyone in this big, beautiful world we share. Eclipses are an opportunity to transform and heal. This astrology is urging you to grow, not in leaps and bounds, but in deep and moving ways. Life is meant to be lived. Seek new perspectives moving forward; new takes on old problems may be just what you need, my love.

Acts of kindness, no matter how random or small, will remind you of who you are but also of who you can be. Strive to embody your potential, my love. Carefully consider your plans before moving forward with them this week. Inactivity is not the answer but neither is rushing in. Instead, move forward with intention, and you'll be able to propel yourself to exactly where you need to be. Life is full of necessary compromise, and not all situations are for all parts of you. The role that anxiety plays in your thinking is worth considering, Moonchild.

Do the basics: remember to breathe, to drink enough water, to eat, and to move your body. Help yourself and if you need to, ask for support too. This week your uncertainties threaten to rattle your foundations. The worst thing you could do is try to convince yourself or anyone else of your worth. Have faith in yourself without needing to defend or justify merit. Honor your worthiness by picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and choosing to live your best life, moment by moment. This week will bring you to the end of a cycle of development.

This may be a subtle thing, or it may feel like a massive shift. Be patient, dear one. Try to pair kindness and creativity with discernment and common sense, and then let life play out from there, Virgo. Find your inner light and resiliency, and share it with others. Don't recede, my love. Fear is invasive. As they say, action is the antidote to what ails you. True strength means knowing when to push your goals forward, knowing when to hold back, and knowing when to ask for help or walk away.

The key is to honor your feels without giving up. Identify your greatest desires by the very things that are upsetting you the most. When you struggle against your present conditions, you only succeed in making things harder on yourself, Aquarius. This week is likely to test your ability to accept where things are at, but accept you must. This week is the time to use the tools you have for having healthy boundaries and staying grounded.

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  7. Take on only as much as you can handle in a healthy way. Empathy is a very Piscean gift, but it requires that you manage your self-care religiously, my love. Full Moons are always a momentous time when feels come to the surface and demand to be dealt with. This Full Moon is likely to be hard, and it might bring up emotions that make you want to shut down. Saturn is the planet that governs depressive thoughts and feels and it gives us a heavy load to carry. Stay connected to your heart, to empathy, and compassion. We're all going through this astrology together. Capricorn and Saturn bring consequences and reality checks, and they confront you with limitations real or imagined.

    Mars has gone Retrograde in Aquarius for the first time since , and it will stay that way from June 26th through August 27th. Mars is the planet that governs fighting, fornicating, and the concept of masculinity. Mars is the warrior, while Aquarius is the sign of 'We The People. The country was divided on a number of issues, and people were engaged in acts of liberation and war. Aquarius is concerned with forward motion as well, but in a very different way.

    This is the sign of invention, of the future, and its energies are individualistic. This sign can be humanistic in its drives, and it's not concerned with walls or nationalism. Aquarius wants you to direct your anger towards efforts that impact the collective, and for compromise to be a means towards greater freedom. This is a time when you may have to fight for what you think is right, but heed this warning: Mars retrograde can lower your vitality, and bring frustrations and obstacles to your efforts. The key here is to not burn yourself out, especially while Mars moves through quick-witted Aquarius.

    Action without integrity or consideration for others will be poorly starred. Let it fuel you to confront the realities of your life, relationships, and our world. Things may be hard right now, but the astrology gives us the tools to work on them, to bring justice and compassion to the fore. Take a deep breath and do the work, lovers.

    Instead of forcing your will on others, take a beat and consider their needs. Tighten the reigns on your desires this week, my love. Where your mind goes, your energy will follow. Decide to let it go, Twin Star. You only have to do your best, not the best; make peace with the good, the bad, and the complicated of what you are so you can move on, my love. You get to decide who you're intimate with, who you trust, and how much. Honor the needs of your heart without idealizing your situation, Moonchild. When you allow yourself to get attached to how things need to go or how they appear to others, you lose track of those good vibes, and you also lose your way.

    Realign with your sense of purpose, regardless of how it looks to others this week. Check ways in which you may be caught up in a rigid cycle with self-care or self-maintenance, and make some necessary adjustments, Virgo. Be here now, even if here and now is a little tricky. Do what needs to be done, my love. Pull it together, friend. When you lead with your heart, you're less likely to get distracted by petty concerns and other roadblocks to achieving excellence.

    Having too much on your plate means that you end up doing everything at less than your capacity. If you take a long-view of your life, you can adopt the perspective that allows you to better pace yourself, Sagittarius. This week you may be feeling totally overwhelmed, and your best move is to treat it as a call to better prioritize what needs to get done and when. Own your achievements and the effort it took to attain them, or conversely, where you may have taken a wrong turn.

    Strive to replace guilt or pridefulness with humility and self-awareness. Do you best not to turn away from upsets this week, Aquarius. Hopelessness is debilitating, so deciding to take action, no matter how small, will help empower you to see more options and even be more comfortable in your own skin. As things change and grow around you, so too must you change and grow. Choose how you wish to be instead of waiting for circumstances to force your hand, Pisces.

    Trust in yourself, and have confidence in your ability to make things happen. Nothing has to be perfect, and you can take as much time as you need, but know that you have the vision; all you need to work on is the follow through. Its influence inspires us to seek security, peace, and comfort. Venus is of course the planet of sensual delights as well; she governs beauty, socializing, hooking up, and the arts.

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