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Likewise, the lady who gives a cookie to a child at the bakery is serving in her best, way. The neighbor who waves hello when children walk home after getting off the bus. They show that we can have a simple life that's dream-empty but one that's full of love. The World tarot card combines the energy of both The Magician tarot card and the High Priestess tarot card.

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This is a powerful card to draw as it symbolizes the skills and attributes you possess, some you may not even be aware of, and the capacity you have to bring them to the surface to give you a type of gain. You have the power of both the feminine and masculine aspects of your psyche and can use these energies to bring yourself to completion or wholeness. What you are after, you will have experienced in some form in the past.

Your intuition and instincts have matured and open the door to significant opportunities in love. Change is complicated.

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There can be a desire to stick to what you know. There can be resistance from others. You may feel that you aren't sure about a situation and don't want to act foolishly.

Currently, there can be dynamics at play that indicate the timing isn't right or that others need more time to adjust the way that they think or feel about a situation. The Hierophant tarot card is associated to the zodiac sign, Taurus.

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This is a card that talks about group think. You may have to slowly move forward where others are affected. They will adapt with time, but not without some resistance. The Ten of Wands warns you to not take on too much responsibility or tackling a problem that isn't yours to take on.

You may feel burdened by all you need to do. This is a signal to choose your battles and tasks wisely and to consider the time invested. Aries, deep down inside everyone wants to win. When you fall in love, you want to win over a heart. When you fall out of love, you want to win back your self esteem and confidence. This is a time for you to be patient but also to stay diligent to the task at hand.

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You have emotional resources available to you, but if you rush or give up too soon, you may miss the miracle that's meant for you. Taurus, when you remain committed to something or someone it can feel like what you want is a far into the future. DAGAZ implies an emotional breakthrough where trust is rebuilt and restored. This is a rune of prosperity and success. What you are working on now won't leave you empty handed.

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  • Be thankful in advice and humble when you receive what you are asking to have. Gemini, be patient. You may experience a delay and waiting may not be what you wish to do. During life's pauses, give thanks for the protection time has offered and also remember to evaluate the situation so you can plan carefully for the next challenge. NAUTHIZ asks that you look at the part of yourself that needs to change and to consider your actions and how they contribute to loss. You have the potential to rewrite a chapter of history and to bring yourself to a positive transformation.

    Circumstances you have found yourself in are leading to success in the area of love. If you use a house-based astrology in your practice, I highly recommend your giving the Sunshine House System a whirl. I think you will be surprised and gratified to find how such a simple adjustment as changing the house system you use can produce such an amazing difference in the specificity and accuracy of your predictions. Sunshine House System calculations are available from www. Time to let some Sunshine in!

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    Sound too good to be true? A good place to begin trying the Sunshine House System out is by looking at the Charubel symbols for the zodiacal degrees occupied by the Sunshine House cusps. Of the various systems of usually channeled symbols for the zodiacal degrees which are available, I have found in practice that the Charubel symbols work the best most of the time, with the Sabian symbols Dr.

    This pdf contains many other systems of degree symbolism besides that of Charubel, if you want to experiment. When they do work they can provide a check on a rectification obtained by other means e.


    Generally speaking, the symbol for the rising degree ASC describes who the person is; and the symbol for the culminating degree MC describes what they do, and how they do it. In my own horoscope this set of symbols has been both a comfort to me, and also a source of hope and guidance. This is often the case: that the collection of Charubel symbols for the Sunshine House cusps of a horoscope, as a group, evoke a consistent mood or flavor which describes how the people make their way in the world for example, by being hard and mean, or gentle and wistful, or direct and forthright, or visionary and spiritual, or confused and clueless, or whatever.

    A very positive character. A person of strong will. He will never allow anyone to impose on him. The National Weather Service, the U. Geological Service, the Food and Drug Administration, and every other agency is closing its doors -- right down to the federal courts. See an overview of the status of the government here.

    And I'm here tonight with a calm, low-key look at the astrology, mellow music, and a few ideas to consider. I look at the Nessus-Neptune conjunction that I discussed in Thursday's edition for subscribers; I look at the compound square from Aries to Capricorn, and consider how that might be manifesting. In the last segment, I am back with Tantra Studio, and a discussion on the topic of healing where exactly do you begin?

    Who do you work with? What do you do with your pain and anger? If you want to show your appreciation by being a one-time or monthly sponsor, please visit this link.

    Thank you for tuning in. Ensure you have a plan, though -- avoid making waves simply for the sake of causing a splash. Instead, consider where you're actually aiming, and direct your energies accordingly. You want a cause you can sustain once the initial push has set things in motion. That means something you can believe in rationally as well as passionately. With Mercury making a sextile to Neptune today, you may find it easier to access your intuition, your sensitivity to where others are at, and your dreams for the future.

    All of that could be useful as you guide your life toward where you'd like to be. Note also today's square between Venus in Sagittarius and Nessus in Pisces. You can be an agent of change in healing in your own life; this aspect appears designed to help you see how certain damaging beliefs about your inherent value were passed down to you.

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    You are not obligated to hold onto them in perpetuity just because they're 'how it's always been'. Also on this day in , Yemen declared an open war -- with U. In the conflict escalated into a full-scale civil war that is still ongoing, complicated by outside involvement in what has widely been seen as an extension of the Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy conflict. In , the United Nations warned that 13 million Yemeni civilians face starvation in what it says could become "the worst famine in the world in years.

    On Jan. I think that Trump is, however, surfing along on this wave, and also feeding into it using his considerable power and influence. I also think that represents the thing in which he is most likely to drown: his own toxic lies. But if that is true for him, it's true for us.